our Services

Development Team

Structured Cablings

    - Planning and design of fiber optic and CAT5E UTP cabling.
    - Determine cable raceway and conduit requirements.
    - Installation, fusion splicing and testing of optical fiber.
    - Installation and testing of CAT5E.
    - Patch panels installation.
    - Termination of patch cords or jumpers.
    - Telecommunications outloet or connector setup.
    - Integration testing and quality check.

Computer Network Design

    - Network design.
    - Client / Server design.
    - Security policy.
    - IP layout for LAN, WAN and MAN.

Computer Network Installation

    - Server and workstation configuration.
    - Firewall and DMZ configuration.
    - RAID configuration.
    - Backup solutions.
    - Operating system installation.
    - Active Directory configuration.
    - Print and fle server configuration.
    - VLAN and network segmentation.
    - Users and group permissions.

Wireless Systems

    - Basic and advance wireless setup and configurations.
    - Hotspot billing management systems for hotels and resorts.
    - Wireless propagation testing.
    - Wireless network design.

IT Consultation

    - Information technology best practices.
    - Property management systems.
    - IT system integration with business process.
    - Security systems.
    - Remote access and VPN.
    - Leaseline and connectivity.
    - Print and fle server configuration.
    - VLAN and network segmentation.
    - Communication and broadcast provider consultation for IT services.

Maintenance Team

Computer Systems Evaluation

    - Systems evaluation checklist.
    - Hardware systems evaluation.
    - Software systems evaluation.
    - Network systems evaluation.
    - Security systems evaluation.

Computer Systems Recommendation

    - Server and workstations recommendation.
    - Network systems recommendation.
    - Software systems recommendation.
    - Hardware systems recommendation.

Preventive Maintenance Contract

    - Preventive maintenance.
    - Business continuity and recovery.
    - Antivirus and security systems.
    - IT asset and inventory systems.
    - 24x7 on call emergency support.
    - Basic and advance troubleshooting.
    - Monthly reporting.
    - Contract agreement.
    - IT outsourcing and staffing.